RV And Trailer Towing

RV and Trailer Towing Services in California City, CA

Ibarra Towing understands how important your Recreational Vehicle (RV) is to you. We’re here to offer top-notch towing services, ensuring your RV is handled carefully. Using the latest tech and knowing precisely what your RV needs, we guarantee a service you can count on. We treat every vehicle like our own, focusing on keeping it safe and sound. No matter the reason—a trip, a service, or storage—choose us. We take the worry out of towing, ensuring you can focus on the fun parts of your adventure.

Where Every Journey Begins with Trust

Our journey together starts with closely examining your RV and planning the best way to tow it. Our team has the skills and the tech to handle your RV just right. We keep you updated and build a service that you can trust and is clear about everything. We stick to the highest safety and quality, so your RV arrives just as it left. Our experience and dedication mean you get a stress-free service every time. Our focus on the details and our commitment to smooth service puts us ahead.

Easy Going, Safe Towing

Ibarra Towing is at the top because we never compromise on safety, speed, or satisfaction. Our equipment is always up-to-date and ready for anything. We’re all about saving you time and exceeding what you expect from us. Our team’s professional touch makes us the first choice for RV lovers. With Ibarra Towing, you’re choosing a team that cares as much about your journey as you do.


Top-Notch Safety

Your RV’s safety is our main focus. We use detailed safety checks, and our team knows how to keep big vehicles safe. You can feel at ease because your RV is well cared for.

Personal Touch

We’re all about making sure you’re happy. We consider what you want and ensure our service meets your expectations. Our team is ready to assist and make towing simple for you.

Safety Above All

We’re serious about safety. Our gear is always up to date and checked regularly, making sure we transport your items securely every time. Safety is more than just rules; it’s how we live.


We tow all types, including fifth wheels, travel trailers, toy haulers, and Class A, B, and C RVs, ensuring safe transport with our specialized towing vehicles and experienced drivers.